Yamaha Unveils New Stereo Receiver That Can Stream

Yamaha has recently announced the arrival of the R-N500, the company’s first two-channel receiver with network support and streaming capabilities for a variety of digital media applications.

Using an Ethernet connection, or an additional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adaptor (sold separately), the R-N500 is able to connect to most networks, including Apple’s AirPlay. The receiver’s DLNA 1.5 and USB outputs mean that users can play media from their smart phones and tablets. Spotify and Pandora are also compatible.

As for the amplifier itself, it has been listed at 80 W + 80 W (0.04% THD). It also features a PureDirect mode for more authentic audio reproduction as well as digital inputs for televisions and Blu-ray/DVD players. The R-N500 also supports the playback of MP3, WMA, MPEG4, AAC, WAV, and FLAC codecs.

The R-N500 is due out in the UK in November and has an RRP set at £450.