The End of the Road For Plasma Screen Production?

Panasonic TH65PF12WEarlier this month, Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung announced that they will be phasing out the development and production of plasma-based television screens.

Following the lead of Panasonic, who made a similar announcement last year, Samsung will cease plasma related operations by the end of November this year. The company cited a lack of sufficient consumer interest in the technology, despite it offering certain advantages over LCD counterparts. Furthermore, it is believed that plans for Ultra HD Plasma, intended to follow the lead of the burgeoning 4K TV market, will also be put on hold for the same reasons.

The only company that now continues to entertain plasma screen technology is LG. However, their OLED technology offers many of the same benefits as plasma and as the tech continues to develop, inevitably leading to lower prices, OLED could supersede the advantages of plasma altogether, rendering it obsolete.