Sharp Announce Touchscreen UHD Monitor

Sharp PN-K322BSharp announced another Ultra High-Definition innovation last week with the unveiling of the PN-K322B, a 4K desktop monitor with touchscreen capabilities.

Billed as a “professional-use monitor”, the PN-K322B boasts a 32″ IGZO LCD LED screen with a whopping 3820 x 2160 pixel count. The display features multitouch capabilities as well as a stylus. The PN-K322B’s adjustable stand  can be positioned at a low, slanted angle that’s ideal for drawing. It also has a “palm cancellation” feature, which prioritises pen movement even if a user’s hand rests on the screen. Such features will make the screen ideal for both creative industries (such as graphic design) as well as exhibition information centres for museums and galleries. Connections include a DisplayPort, 2 HDMI inputs and 2 mini jacks for audio.

The Sharp PN-K322B debuts in Japan at the end of July 2013, with prices and other release dates to be announced.