Screen Innovations Presents: The Pure Zero Edge Screen

Pure Zero Edge Projector ScreensUS projector screen makers Screen Innovations have recently created a new line of screens that boast perfect colour reproduction and the ability to accurately handle resolutions up to and including 8K.

The Pure Zero Edge micro fibre material is available in several iterations for increased or reduced gain including Pure White 1.3 gain, Pure Gray .85 gain, Black Diamond 2.7 gain, Black Diamond 1.4 gain and Black Diamond .8 gain. The reason for these “gain” options is so that you can choose the version most appropriate to your proposed screening environment. And with each new generation of digital projectors being able to produce brighter and brighter images, having a Pure Zero Edge screen means not having to have a perfectly blacked out screening room in order to enjoy fully enjoy your digital projector home cinema. Screen material is also finely balanced for accurate colour reproduction across the board, meaning that you can watch films in the palette they were originally intended.

Other neat functions include an LED backlighting system that can hold up to 6 custom preferences and produce over 250,000 colours. The theory behind backlighting being that no only does it compliment and enhance the ambiance of your space but also helps soften the contrast between the bright image on the screen and the dark room that surrounds it, creating less strain for the eyes.

Pure Zero Edge screens are currently available in sizes up to 120″ in 16:9 format and 150″ in 2.35:1.


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