Samsung’s New UHD TV Boasts New Freestanding Frame Design

Samsung S9One inch larger than Sony’s XBR-84X900, the new 85-inch Samsung S9 UDH TV was unveiled at a company home entertainment event held yesterday in New York City. Shipping out around the world at the end of March, the RRP for the S9 is set at $39,999, considerably more than Sony and LG’s asking prices for their competing television sets.

However, what sets the S9 apart, aside from the extra inch, is its new easel-like frame design that allows the set to stand freely without the need for wall mounting. The set also includes Samsung’s Precision Black Pro technology and a proprietary upscaler for upscaled UHD content.

Furthermore, the company have also teased the possibility of larger models in the 95 and 110 inch range. Only time will tell how astronomical the prices of these versions will be.


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