Radio Mic Frequency Switchover: What You Need To Know

If you or your organisation use radio microphones on a regular basis, there is a strong chance that you will be affected by the frequency changes about to occur.

The 854 – 862MHz frequency range, Channel 69, will be illegal to use as of 1st October 2012 and will permanently cease as of 1st January 2013.

As part of the UK’s digital switch-over and to conform to the rest of Europe, as well as to allow mobile phone companies to further develop and expand smart phone services, the Government are in the process of selling off certain frequency bands, among them being Channel 69.

Ofcom has officially announced that Channel 38 (606 – 614MHz) will be the replacement band for those who use Channel 69. However, the availability of Channel 38 can vary drastically depending on whether wireless equipment is being used indoors or outdoors.

In summary: if you currently use Channel 69 for your radio microphones, you will need to change frequency to Channel 38 before the start of October. A license will still be required to use this new channel, which can be purchased from and administered for you by Smart Audio Visual. Or alternatively, we can organise a new fixed site license for your new radio microphone installations.

Finally, those who are using Channel 70, the de-regulated licence-free spectrum (863 – 865MHz), will not be affected by these changes. However, you may find the new mobile services increase the amount of interference experienced on this band as time goes on.

If you have any concerns about the frequency change, contact us and we’ll put your mind at ease.


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