OLED TVs Come To Europe

Samsung KE55S9CSamsung and LG have both recently announced that they will be bringing their new OLED televisions to the European market in time for the fourth quarter of 2013. The LG 55EA9800 – the world’s first curved television — and Samsung KE55S9C are currently available in Germany, with both manufacturers planning to expand to other territories in the coming weeks, including the UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

OLED — Organic Light-Emmiting Diode — technology allows manufacturers to produce flexible, ultra-thin screens that can curve. The concave design ensures that more of the screen’s surface area is equidistant from the viewer’s eye than a conventional flatscreen equivalent, which should help with reducing what is termed ‘screen edge visual distortion’.

These European versions will come with the same features as their North American counterparts. LG’s model is 55 inches with 1080p resolution, complete with 3D capabilities, THX Certified picture, Smart TV functions and the company’s WRGB four-colour pixel system.

The Samsung is also 55 inches, 1080p and has 3D capabilities. It also features self-emitting RGB sub-pixels and no backlight, which will provide superior black levels, and supports Samsung’s Evolution Kit. A newly introduced feature for this model is the Multi View, that allows 2D and 3D information to be displayed simultaneously, whilst used in conjunction with Samsung’s Active 3D glasses.

Suggested prices have been set at €8,999 for the LG and €7,999 for the Samsung, although this will likely fluctuate   for non-Euro countries (such as the UK).