New BenQ RP790+ Touchscreen Now In Stock

BenQ RP790+The new BenQ RP790+ 79-inch interactive touchscreen is now available. At 79 inches across, the RP790+ is BenQ’s largest screen yet. It has many of the features from smaller BenQ models such as multi-platform capability, front-bezel hotkey topology, DisplayNote software, low blue light technology and anti-glare glass and ambient sensors. However, the larger model boasts 4K resolution — a considerable upgrade from the Full HD of past models — and has also received an upgrade in the number of touches the  screen can handle at any one time: now 10 points of contact as opposed to 6.

The increase in screen size, resolution and touch points makes the RP790+ an ideal tool for fostering visually dynamic teaching and collaboration in classrooms and is a worthy successor to the more familiar projector and interactive whiteboard setup.

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