Netflix Set To Offer 4K Streaming In 2014

NetflixIf you have invested in a 4K UHD television, only to be frustrated by the lack of true UHD content out there to give your new system a full road test, you can take comfort in the fact that the 4K content drought may soon be coming to an end.

Film and TV streaming giant Netflix has recently been quietly experimenting with 4K streaming technologies by adding seven short Ultra HD clips to its catalogue to test the new format under a variety of conditions. However, these tests are more than just a pipe dream as, according to gigaom.com, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, stated during a recent company earnings call that Netflix intends to be “one of the big suppliers of 4K next year.”

The current speculation is that Netflix will venture into 4K streaming via its own original content initially before securing licenses to show UHD content from other films and TV shows. For now though, users can still enjoy the company’s ‘Super HD’ format, which is essentially 1080p (or what will soon become known as standard HD) except with minimal compression applied to it.