LG Starts Shipping World’s First Curved Television

LG's New 55-inch 55EA9800LG has been developing the world’s first curved television using OLED (Organic Light-Emmiting Diode) technology, which allows manufacturers to make screens thinner and more flexible than its regular LED counterpart. As a result, LG’s new 55-inch 55EA9800 is only 0.17 inches thick and features WRGB technology. The unit also features rather neat transparent speakers that are hidden in a clear stand.

Its concave design claims to invoke a viewing experience similar to that of IMAX. LG have spent 5 years researching the curvature of the screen so that the entire surface is equidistant from the viewer’s eye, which will reduce screen-edge visual distortion.

More impressive however, is the 55EA9800 ability to be linked with other 55EA9800 sets to form an elongated curved display, which invites all sorts of stylish presentation solutions. The 55EA9800 is currently only available in South Korea with the not inconsiderable price tag of 15 million won (or about £8,750). Shipping dates and prices for other countries will be announced by LG over the next few months.