LG Develops “Rollable” Displays

LG Rollable DisplaySince pioneering the OLED technology that allows television screens to made with thinner, more flexible material, as seen in products such as the world’s first curved screen — the 55-inch 55EA9800 — LG have been developing what should be the next logical step in flexible displays.

The company has been able to create an 18-inch OLED display that can be rolled (yes, rolled) into a tubular shape with a radius of 3cm. Using a high molecular substance-based polyamide film instead of plastic on the backplane of the screen the prototype flexi-screen currently features a resolution of 1200×810 with almost a million mega-pixels.

LG has announced they are confident that a consumer version of the technology able to support displays 60 inches and over will possible by 2017. There’s currently no word on whether smaller versions of the technology will be available before this date, or prices for that matter.