Introducing The Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen

Why would the Smart Audio Visual blog want to to post an article about a pen? Well, this is no ordinary pen, this is a Wi-Fi Smartpen by Livescribe; a pen that records your handwriting as well as audio.

Using special Livescribe physical notepads, which have connection buttons printed at the bottom of each page, the user can send their notes and audio, say from the lecture or meeting they are currently sitting in, wirelessly via Cloud storage to a PC, Mac or Android device of their choice that has an Evernote online account, where ‘pencasts’ can be reviewed and re-organised. Future functionality is set to include direct sharing via file sharing service Dropbox as well as Facebook.

Set to hit the US in November, the standard model comes with 2GB of onboard memory, with advanced (and pricier) versions boding 4GB and 8GB of space. Check out the promotional video for the product below. Could this be an indispensable tool for the classroom of the near future, or just another gimmicky tech-toy?