How DemoPad Can Change The Way You Approach AV Control

DemoPadBased in the UK, DemoPad offers installers and consumers a new way to control and automate their AV system (among other uses) through an App that can be used on their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices.

Using the company’s CENTRO 8 hardware, the DemoPad can be used to control a vast array of AV equipment, acting as a universal remote. The CENTRO 8 processor incorporates a variety of connectivity ports and options to accommodate any setup including IR, RS-232, Contact Closures, VF Relays, HDMI, USB, Audio and LAN. Furthermore, no user license is required and users can also access CENTRO’s companion App.

DemoPad also offers the CENTRO-C IP Gateway, designed as a standalone IP gateway to be used with any control system — not just those utilising DemoPad software. The CENTRO-C features 16 IR emitters, 6 RS232 ports, 12 <30v Relays, and 16 volt free digital inputs.

The solution is aimed both at domestic use (home cinema, hi-fi, automatic gates etc) and, perhaps more interestingly, for corporate/commercial AV presentation. DemoPad has the potential to function as a universal remote where a room’s projector, screen, audio, and even lighting, can be controlled from the same intuitive graphical interface on a connected tablet device. This would save on having to install and program a specially built control panel as well as all the cabling that would be required to patch it to the desired equipment.

If you are thinking of opting for a universal remote device over a traditional wired-in control panel for your next installation, please contact us.