BeeWi Presents Mobot Prototype At Mobile World Congress

At the Mobile World Congress, a four day mobile technology exhibition that takes place annually in Barcelona, Spain, the French company, BeeWi, unveiled a prototype model of an upcoming product called the Mobot.

The Mobot is a wall plug that facilitates a network allowing remote access to whatever is connected to it — say, a home theatre system, for instance. Consisting of a master plug, which housing a SIM card that connects to various slave plug modules via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, an app can be used to access connected equipment.

More interesting, however, is that Mobots will also be kitted out with motion detectors, granting owners the ability to have hi-fi items switch themselves on or off as they enter or leave the room, or have home theatre lighting do likewise. This feature can also be put to other uses, such as notifying you of a potential intruder.

Another handy feature is that they are also equipped with a temperature gauge, which can be used to detect a fire in your premises. Mobots also operate on a battery, supporting themselves for a short period of time without mains power.